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Manchester City Guide for Vintage Lovers 

Whenever I set out to explore a new place I’m always keen on delving into the heart of the city. Often the best thrift stores and charity shops are where that heart is. In Manchester many of the stores were in the vibrant Northern Quarter of the city. I love a good thrift store crawl; it’s so delightful to find so many pre-loved gems in the local charity shops, thrift stores and record shops of a city. I feel like I’m getting to know the place more.


A blast from the past at its purest, Retro Rehab, is the best place to get your dose of mint genuine vintage pieces.


A truly retro emporium of vintage clothes, accessories and furniture. Pop Boutique makes your grandmas old clothes look popping. If you want to look at Manchester through yellow-tinted aviators, this is the place to go.


Although Oxfam Originals is small, every piece is original vintage and excellent quality. Some charity shops can be a little bit of a jumble sale but the donations in this store was full of edgy Mancuanian style. Not only is fashion charitable but it’s affordable and sustainable.


After discovering two floors of lush vintage gems I wanted to giddily run through the rails of COW and sing ‘CLOTHES, GLORIOUS, CLOTHES’

Instead I excitedly flicked through each rail, humming along to the funky 80s playlist they were playing in store.


(A cute dress I bought from the Thrift Store)

If you’re not one for upmarket pricey vintage and you’re up for a bit of a rummage, Thrift Store is all you’ll ever dream of. With dirt cheap prices and great vintage pieces, what’s not to love! As long as you bring cash and you don’t have to try on ever piece you choose, you can bag three items for a mere £10.

That definitely won’t be the last time I’ll be going to Manchester. The spirit of Mancunian’s and the glorious vintage stores will tempt me to book a trip back there soon.

Have you been to Manchester before? Where would you recommend I visit on my next trip to Manchester?



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