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Silence in the City: Barbican Conservatory

Tucked away on the third floor of the Barbican Centre is a luscious urban conservatory. On a cloudy Sunday I swapped a sweaty seat in an overcrowded city park for a wander in this urban jungle.

Tall tropical trees wrap their roots and leaves around the urban concrete setting. This contrast reminded me of a film set depicting the overgrowth of plants after human extinction. 

My favourite part had to be the cacti and succulent room which reminded me of all of my many humble house plants. 

This little room is any bloggers dream. Walking through the plethora of large and little cacti, I discovered a few plants that I could add to my collection.

As an avid plant lady I would have loved to see a few of these beauties for sale but sadly I had to leave them behind in the conservatory. 

One can surely find peace of mind in the silent beauty of the tropical plants, even in the middle of a fast-paced city.  

Where do you find serenity in the summer?


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