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About Me

Two different stories about me…

Short story:

 19-year-old Londoner with a passion for music, literature and fashion.

Long story:

As reflected in the name of my blog, I love to going to gigs and I love garnet. Garnet is a deep red crystal at first sight which changes to a lighter, ruby hue in direct sunlight. Apart from appreciating the spiritual qualities of the crystal (yeah, I dig that spiritual stuff), I also like to think that if I was crystal I would be garnet. It seems like an ordinary red stone but in a different light, another dimension of its colour is revealed.

So, like the colours of the crystal, my blog posts is the bright, wonderful parts of my life.

Peace, love and light…

Thank you for reading:

“Because I am telling you this story I will your existence. I tell, therefore you are.”- Margaret Atwood- The Handmaid’s Tale



Who takes your photos?

I take all of the photos I am not in and my sister, Nicole, kindly has the patience to take all of the photos of me.

What camera do you use?

Camera shots: Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera bought from John Lewis 

Phone shots: HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6

Are you paid to write content?

No, I’m not currently sponsored to write any content but I do use affiliate links in some of my posts.

How do I contact you for business enquiries?

If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me via Twitter/Instagram (@gigsandgarnet) or drop me an email at: