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A Day in Newquay, Cornwall

As I looked out at the crystal blue water glistening in the sun, I found a sweet moment of bliss. I listened to ethereal music in one ear and heard the sound of birds squawking above the crashing waves in the other ear. It was one of those transient moments when you realise how happy you are and you try so hard to capture this serenity by staying present but you’re inevitably distracted by the next moment.

Soaking in the sun and the memory of such stunning views was all I wanted to take back with me from my day trip in Newquay, but I found much more. I rekindled my sense of adventure on this solo trip from Exeter to Newquay, passing some picturesque places on the three-hour train journey there and back.

Before venturing around the sandy beaches of Newquay I stopped off at Box and Barber for a delightful brunch. Overhearing the friendly staff speak to some local surfers about the wildest waves they had faced, I drank my divine cup of coffee hoping to capture some adventure without surfing the sea. After finishing my very posh ham and cheese toastie, I bought one of their massive cinnamon swirls for on-the-go and headed down to Fistral Beach.

With no intention to get too soaked in the soft sand (I was wearing converse), I decided to wander around the higher, rockier grounds that lined the sandy beaches. Since I arrived in the morning, I still saw the early fog and cloudy sky before it would become a clear sunny day in Newquay.

I hadn’t anticipated how delightful it would be to have a simple stroll amongst such a beautiful setting. Walks don’t normally bore me if I’ve got my earphones in but I didn’t need any music to make this walk enjoyable.

After wandering about Fistral Beach and Towan Headland I found a nice bench on a hill on Little Fistral. Surprisingly there is no way I could get bored looking out at the depth of the water from different areas of Newquay.


I found serenity in my peaceful solitude as I captured shots of the scenes and sat in silent awe at every view that my eyes could see.

When you’ve lived in cities for so long you forget what the endless horizon looks like; you forget how it feels to use the full potential of your eyes to see such a great distance.

The deep blue sea is a stark contrast from the murky greyish green of the River Thames in London. It’s hard to believe that this is Cornwall and not a sunny European beach.

Arriving in Newquay at 10 am and leaving at 5 pm I knew I had enough time to roam around for the whole day but I still felt like I would need longer than a day to fully appreciate the beauty of Newquay.

Unlike most seaside attractions the beaches of Newquay were often not too busy and I enjoyed many quiet moments to myself, hearing only the tide move and the birds tweet.

After resting for a while in the emerging sun, I reached the top of the lookout building on Little Fistral.

I felt like a true traveller as I eventually found my bearings back to the town centre without Google Maps.


I picked up a mint chocolate chip Cornish ice cream in town before heading back down to Great Western Harbour.It was beginning to get busier back in town but a few people couldn’t overshadow the magnificence of the horizon.

After soaking in enough sun I headed to The Cod End Fish and Chip Restuarant opposite Newquay station, I sat outside to enjoy a stunning seaside view and Cod and Chips.

Finally, I headed down to Lusty Glaze Beach to enjoy my last moments in Newquay with the same view of the clearest waters.

If you’re looking for a weekend away from the city, a trip to one of Cornwall’s fine seaside destinations is the Newquay to happiness.

Have you been to Newquay? What’s your favourite Cornwall beach? -Olivia


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  1. Sarah Loven says:

    It was fun reading your writing, it was so descriptive.

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