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6 things that will help you to fulfil your New Years Resolution: 


If you’re hungover from a New Years Eve Party or just tired from staying up to watch the New Years Day countdown check out this fatigue fighting juice recipe (originally for fighting a cold but it packs a punch that will wake you up).

Now, once you’re energised, it’s time to consider setting some goals and resolutions for the New Year whilst you’re still motivated to. I’ve compiled a handy list of books that will resolve your worries about achieving your goals and resolutions this year. So, finish binge watching all these TV series and check out these books.


1. Daily Greatness Journal:

This journal is a ‘Practical Guide for Consciously Creating Your Days’ which entails intensive goal setting/achieving every day and month of the year. If you are looking for a seriously motivating journal to commit to- this will work wonders. Other Daily Greatness Journals available are also a ‘Rocking Fit’ Training journal, ‘Business Planner’ and a ‘Yoga’ journal. From motivating quotes to action plans this will definitely help you achieve your New Year resolution.

2. Notebook:

A patterned pocket-sized notebook is a necessity for the new year: it’s great for jotting down new ideas and to-do lists.


3. Poetry- Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and Cosmic Dust & Other Stuff by Amanda Torroni and Tyler Kent White

Once in awhile we all need to have a little bit of perspective and take a moment to think outside of our lives. Reading is one of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing as eloquently written poetry can be so inspiring.

Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey is a collection of poetry about survival, love, abuse, loss and femininity. It’s a provocative, honest depiction of a woman on a healing journey so definitely worth a read.

Cosmic Dust & Other Stuff by Amanda Torroni and Tyler Kent White is a neat collaboration between two great poets; this collection of motivating, beautifully written poetry is definitely an inspiring piece to bring with you into the New Year.

4. Things Are Getting Better Every Day book by Anastasia Tasou:

Freelance illustrator, Anastasia Tasou is known for her quirky, expressive and motivating artwork but this little gem of a book is a bundle of her drawings and motivational mottos that can keep you on the right track this year. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or emotionally tired this book helps you to accept it, try to change it with the thought that things will get better.

5. Calm Cards- The School of Life

The School of Life have a range of handy prompt cards that can provoke conversations and spark motivation. These Calm Cards for creating serenity are handy little notes to keep you calm so you can carry on.

6. Tea- Yogi Tea

Herbal tea is the best start and end to a long day. Not only does Yogi tea have various health benefits but with each tea bag a little quote is attached to the string, giving you words of wisdom and positivi-TEA with every sip.


Well, I hope this helped you to feel ready for 2016! Let me know of any other tools you’ve found to keep motivated this year. For more daily inspiration follow my Pinterest board. I wish you a very Happy New Year…



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