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5 TED talks that changed my life


I recently started watching TED talks daily by simply downloading the app to stream loads of different talks from inspiring people. If like me, you’re interested in self-help and motivational videos, you’ll love the TED talks. After swapping my usual novel-reading period before sleeping for a TED talk, I discovered 5 talks that have drastically changed my perspective. Changing your perspective can honestly change your life. So check out my favourites and please do recommend any you’ve watched.


1 & 2.

Brené Brown’s talks on vulnerability and shame are by far my favourites. Those two key-words (vulnerability and shame) may have just discouraged you from watching it, if they have, then- by all means- I encourage you to watch them.

As a researcher-storyteller, Brené knows how to tell a story about the struggle we all face with numbing vulnerability; these two TED talks are ones that I can watch a million times and still be amazed by them. If it resonates with you and you harness the power of vulnerability it can change your life.


Most of us have a dream job that is often not the one we end up doing; this TED talk by Scott Dinsmore can literally change your life if you’re currently not pursuing your passion, or if you don’t even know what it might be. I also highly recommend checking out his career connection platform for more inspiration on how to live your legend.


Another interesting talk if you struggle with finding or keeping a passion; most of us are born to have one true calling and one career that we do perfectly, but some of us have potential to dabble in multiple areas of work. It’s a great talk even if you specialise in one field but if you don’t then it explains a lot!


And lastly, a powerful spoken word talk is undoubtedly an entertaining shot of motivation. Not only is Sarah Kay’s spoken word thought-provoking and inspiring but it is bold amongst other TED talks, as she incorporates beautiful poetry with anecdotes that resonate to the listener. I absolutely love spoken word, if you do too I recommend you also check out this playlist of spoken-word fireworks.


Let me know if these inspired you as much as they did for me, or comment below any of your favourite TED talks


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