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20 Ways That You Can Love Yourself

After discussing my self-love journey, I’ve decided to share a few practical micro-actions that you can take to aid you on your self-love journey.

  1. Tell yourself: ‘I love you’. Laugh at me, if you will, but even if you have to fake it, telling yourself what you want to believe can work after a while.
  2. Consciously nurture your body: get into the habit of eating nourishing foods and practise exercise to revitalise yourself.
  3. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself (it may sound narcissistic but it can combat all of the self-deprecating statements you may tell yourself)
  4. Treat yourself to a meal at your favourite restaurant, or buy yourself a bunch of your favourite flowers/plant.
  5. Find a moment to be still and consciously appreciate the natural movement of your breath. And that’s a moment of mindfulness and snippet of meditation.
  6. Give a genuine compliment to someone (perhaps notice their great taste in film/music or their style).
  7. Reflect on three things you are grateful for today. Gratitude is so important in self-love so get into the habit of appreciating more!
  8. Go to the cinema alone or eat at a restaurant alone. Self-acceptance is so important in self-love, once you accept yourself as you are, then you can begin loving it.
  9. Set yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals and make note of areas of achievement. Recognising your progress can build your confidence and make you realise how hard you work.
  10. Connect with your local area- whether it be a walk around your city/town or a wander around undiscovered streets.
  11. Read. Reading opens us up to worlds that can really aid self-reflection. Besides, what’s the harm in indulging in some beautiful poetry?
  12. Reflect on the unhealthy patterns or people in your life. Work gradually on shifting and changing what is impeding your growth.
  13. Be open to new experiences that can aid your growth and development in life.
  14. Watch an inspiring TED talk: these TED talks changed my life.
  15. Scrapbook, record and capture your favourite memories.
  16. Practice yoga. I find that I’m more connected with my mind and body when I roll out my yoga mat and follow along Yoga With Adriene on Youtube.
  17. Get artsy! Paint, doodle, draw or sculpt- activate the left-side of your brain once in a while.
  18. Release repressed emotions. Cry, laugh or scream! Have a cathartic moment (or two) by healthily releasing any intense emotions that may be bubbling beneath the surface of your mind. Repression leads to self-destruction, so love yourself and release it!
  19. Listen to music and lose yourself to dance (Yes, that’s a Daft Punk reference, but c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon)
  20. Journal how you feel day-to-day. Recognising and noting how we feel is surely one way to get to understand ourselves better. Get to know yourself, so you can love yourself!

Let me know if any of these helped and please do share some of the micro-actions that you find helpful!

Peace, love and light

– Olivia



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6 responses to “20 Ways That You Can Love Yourself”

  1. finja says:

    Awww these are so beautiful, thanks for sharing! 🙂
    xx finja ~

  2. Bablofil says:

    Thanks, great article.

  3. Chantel says:

    Number six is definitely my favorite. Making others feel great (even for a quick moment) make me feel great too!


    • Olivia says:

      Yes, it’s simply delightful to see the reactions of others if you let them know something that you’ve noticed is wonderful about them. It’s rewarding, as you say. Thanks for your comment Chantel, I love the aesthetics of your blog! 🙂

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